Car Fire Extinguisher, UK.

Car Fire Extinguishers, Multi purpose fire extinguishers for cars, vans, boats, taxis and motor homes. All extinguishers come with brackets and fire extinguisher for cars.

Fire extinguishers in car or a car fire extinguisher can save lives. In a fire situation, its often a few seconds that is the difference between life and death. At Fire and Safety System we specialize in car fire fire extinguishers which come in different sizes and styles. Car/ vehicle fire extinguisher range from small multi purpose 1 KG powder fire extinguisher to 6 KG multi purpose dry powder fire extinguishers.

Public vehicles or Taxi fire extinguishers need to be foam fire extinguisher and can be the 1 Litre foam fire extinguisher or the 2 Litre foam fire extinguisher.

We also supply auto fire extinguishers which can be fitted in vehicles and cars and trigger fire fighting foam or suppressant in case of a fire.

Although car fire extinguishers are not a legal requirement in UK, the AA recommends all cars to be fitted with fire extinguishers.

FSS UK does a range a different designs and colour fire extinguishers so ever body can own a fire extinguisher and be proud of it.