Contempo 2kg CO2 Polished Gold Fire Extinguisher


We understand that while a fire extinguisher might be a vital piece of equipment in any workplace or domestic space, it shouldn’t compromise aesthetics.

This 2kg CO2 fire extinguisher has a 34B fire rating and its elegant looks can be completed by matching polished gold tubular stands and ID signs. Choose this fire extinguisher for premises more likely to be at risk of Class B fires (those with a source of flammable liquids like petrol or oil).

The Contempo range offers an industry first. These unique extinguishers combine fire safety with the most exquisite hand finish and are available in silver, gold and copper colourways. Mandatory fire equipment can now complement the very finest interior design and even prove to be a feature. Perfect for modern bars and restaurants, luxury hotels and contemporary offices, opt for fire safety equipment you’re proud to display

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