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What happens if there is a fire and no one is home?

What happens if there is a fire and no one is home?

So you are fully equipped with battery operated or indeed mains connected smoke detectors at home or work but what it if there is a fire, no one hears the alarm and you are away?

You may have an elderly parent at home or someone who finds difficult to move or even a pet who is trapped inside. Is anyone going to hear the alarm? Is anyone going to help?

Whats the solution?

You could have a full fire alarm system connected to the fire brigade or a monitoring station  which would cost more than a £1000 a year


Install a battery operated / mains plugged FSS UK photoluminescent smoke detector, which has a sim card in the device that send you text messages and calls you as soon as its activated and costs you less than £40.

Picture this…

You have gone away to visit family when an electrical item (that has been left on) overheats and begins to smoulder.

Within a minutes you receive an SMS: “SMOKE ALARM ACTIVATED – BEDROOM” and a phone call.

You call your neighbour, asking them to pop round and check to see if everything is ok.

Upon entering the room they realise that the equipment has caught fire, they call the brigade and if safe to do so use a fire blanket or extinguisher to extinguish the flames.

After turning off the mains power your neighbour calls an electrician to make the house safe.

Potential Disaster Avoided!

When you return (thanks to your FSSUK smoke alarm and a little help from your neighbour) your family home is in one piece.

The FSSUK smoke alarm is not only perfect for your home but also ideal for second homes, caravans, boats that are left moored up, remote properties where there may not be neighbours to hear the siren or installation in your loved ones homes who may need assistance if their alarm is activated even if it is just to switch it off. The huge potential of this smoke detector makes it suitable for installation in many premises and provides ultimate reassurance that your loved ones and your possessions are safe.

Within a minutes of the detector sensing a potential fire, an SMS text message will be sent from the unit to up to 5  mobile phones that you assign to it when setting up. With the ability to edit the SMS message the unit sends, you can install multiple firetext smoke detectors and identify which one is alarming.

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