PFE-1 Portable Aerosol Fire Extinguisher JE 50 – the world’s most versatile & compact fire extinguisher.


The only fire extinguisher suitable for both Liquid fuel and Electrical fires.

COMPACT – 70-80 Smaller than Conventional Extinguishers

No annual maintenance required. 8 B rated

NO RESIDUE – Avoid Costly Damaging Clean Up. NON HARMFUL – Safe for Engines, Transformers, Electrical, Mechanical & Electronics

5 YEAR GUARANTEE – Reliable & Very Effective



Ideal for boats, kitchens, engine rooms, cars, garages,work shops, Offices. Space Age Technology has provided the newest fire extinguishing development. This new Innovation in Fire Extinguishing Technology is Green Sensitive, Non Toxic, Non-Corrosive and leaves No Residue after use. The near mishap on International Space Station in 1997 initiated the development of this new fire fighting technology which is NOW available for home use in the PFE Series Portable Fire Extinguisher. With its push button start, the unique Aerosol will immediately extinguish small fires at a safe distance. Clean up, if any, is easy with a damp cloth. Fixed systems are also available for Engine rooms, electrical consoles and computer rooms. Comparing with conventional pressurized based fire extinguishers, PFE Series enjoys numerous advantages such as compact size, no annual maintenance & cost, no residue after extinguishing fire, environmental friendly, easy to operate, safe and reliable. This world smallest portable fire extinguisher series are one of the best choices to replace conventional fire extinguishers, as a latest innovative product, Helps users to protect a wide range of marine automotive and residential applications, such as Boats, Motor homes, kitchens and Offices. the device is charged with 50g of aerosol chemicals and measures only 230mm in length, with a diameter of 50mm. Discharge time is no more than 12 seconds. The design is based on BS 6165:2002 (Specification for small disposable fire extinguishers of the aerosol type) and UL 711a (Fire test method for portable hand-held extinguishers intended for use on residential cooking equipment), and it is designed for small fires only – for example to extinguish a 0.1 m2 pan fire. CE and RINA approved.


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