FSS UK Fire Extinguisher Value Set (2kg CO2 + 6 Ltr Water) BSi Kitemark. Ideal for Workplace.



New FSS UK fire extinguisher value set for workplace.

2 KG Co2 Fire extinguisher +6 Ltr Water Fire extinguisher with Chrome double fire extinguisher Stand

BSi kitemark.

These great value special offer kits include one number 2 KG Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher and one number 6 ltr Water fire extinguisher.

The fire extinguisher pack is ideal for use in a wide range of environments including the home, office, factory and other workplaces.

Carbon Dioxide provide protection against Class B Fires (flammable liquids such as oils, petrol and solvents) and are safe for use on live electrical equipment.

Water fire extinguisher provide protection against Class A (wood, paper, solids)

The fire extinguishers offer BS EN 3 Kitemarked approval, CE Mark approval and all fire extinguishers are supplied new and filled and with a wall mounting bracket for quick and easy installation.

These products offer a five year warranty.

Technical specification: ·

High fire ratings: CO2: 34B, Water: 13A ·

Fire extinguishers are BS EN 3 Kitemarked and CE Mark approved ·

All fire extinguishers are new, filled and offer a 5 year guarantee ·

Provides protection against Class A and Class B fires ·

Both extinguishers are supplied complete with wall mounting bracket


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