FSS UK is a leading provider of Fire Safety products in UK and Europe, concentrating in providing quality products(
Car fire extinguisher, office fire extinguisher, home fire extinguisher) at prices we can all afford, so safety becomes a priority for all. We are driven by our passion to ensure everybody has knowledge and access to our safety products. We always look forward and bring new innovative products to the market at affordable prices. We specialize in the following

Car fire extinguishers

Kitchen fire extinguishers

Home fire extinguishers

Workplace fire extinguishers

Stocks and range is great and service at its very best delivering products suited for individual needs instead of a generic solution.

Take a look at our range of fire extinguishers and different fire safety products to establish what is suitable for you.
We constantly listen to our customers and deliver quality solutions at prices no one can match.

​Our range of car fire extinguishers  includes FSS UK  1 KG multi purpose dry powder fire extinguisher ​for small cars and vehicles. Also include the FSS UK 1 Litre Foam fire extinguishers for taxis and public carrying vehicles.
For bigger goods carrying vehicles, the FSS UK 6 KG Powder extinguisher is very popular.
Kitchen fire extinguishers have large range and variety such as the 600 gram fire extinguishers in different colors, the FSS UK 1 KG powder fire extinguishers, the FSS UK 2 KG powder fire extinguisher for larger kitchen as well as safety packs that include FSS UK fire extinguishers with fire blankets and first aid kits.

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